RRite’rthaM yat-pratiyeta na pratiyeta-cha-Atmani /

•tad-vidyAd-Atmano mAyAM  yathA’’bhAso yathA tamaH //

 What is presented on the Atman without any substantial reality apart from It, and what fails to leave anything as residue apart from the Atman when it ceases to be presented – know that to be due to my divine Power, Maya. Such presentation is like a reflected image (totally dependent on the object) and like darkness (which leaves no residue when it dissolves).

• Whatever appears in the Atman, be it a reflection-like appearance where there is nothing of value, be it a darkness-like non-existence where there is existence, all this is to be considered as my mAyA .

That which makes it possible for something inexplicable to appear in My Being (as apart from Me) without any corresponding reality, just like the illusion of the second moon, and which obscures My Being (even though I am present everywhere) like the presence of the planet Rahu (which has a shadowy form) in the midst of the other luminaries should be regarded as My MAyA (deluding potency).


Chatus-shloki 3