yathA mahAnti bhUtAni bhUteshhu-ucchAvacheshhv-anu /

•pravishhTAny-apravishhTAni tathA teshhu na teshhv-ahaM //  

The great basic elements of Nature combine and constitute all objects, high and low, pure and impure. Though entering into these combinations formed by them, these elements do not lose their elemental nature and take on the qualities found in the combinations. They can thus be said to be in these combinations and also outside them at the same time. Similarly I constitute these beings, and in that sense I have entered into them, yet I have not entered into them in the sense that My pristine Nature is not affected by the nature and experience of the combinations that make up the bodies of these beings.  

Know thou that just as the universal fundamental subtle elements appear to have entered into the cosmos but in reality there is no such ‘entry’,  so also I appear to have pervaded into everything but in reality there is no ‘pervasion’.

Even as the gross elements (earth, water etc.) may be said to have entered (the bodies of) all living beings, both great and small, (made up as they are of these very elements) after their creation, and they can as well be said not to have entered them (in that they already inhered in them as their material cause), similarly I can be said to have entered the bodies of these living beings as their indwelling spirit (when they are viewed materially), and I can be equally said not to have entered them (when they are viewed spiritually, there being no other reality than the Spirit, viz., Myself)


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